Våra Danser

Nedan presenteras de olika danserna vi har tränat på per termin.

VT 2019
NybörjareFortsättare 1
Little Charleston Cuanto Te Quiero 
Claires DanceLots Of Love 
It´s About TimeHomesick Heart 
Lindi ShuffleGraffiti Baby 
Let It Bay BeOh Me Oh My Oh
Pillows I´ve Been Waiting For You
I´ve Been Waiting For You Ez  I Believe
Such A NightI'm On A Roll
Graffiti Baby  Joey On The Fiddle
HT 2018
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Whiskey Bridges  Cuba Libre Doing The Walk
Rose Garden New Tattoo Crazy Perfect Mess
Come Dance With Me Havana Cha Perfect
Rocket To The Sun   Love Flow Celtic Duo  
Perfect Ez The King And I   Second Time Around  
Mamma Mia! Why Me?   Alice   Outlaw
Things   Hugs & Kisses All The King Horses  
Cut A Rug Cut A Rug Cut A Rug
Groovy Love Groovy Love Groovy Love
I Close My Eyes   Like A Fine VineI   Dirty Little Secret  
VT 2018
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Ez So Just Dance, Dance, Dance A Little Dirt On My Boots Six Pack Kick Back
Just 4 Fun Jag Trodde Änglarna Fanns Every Time She Walks By
Chip And A Chair   East To West 17   Forget-Me-Not  
Nancy AB Sleepy Eyes   East To West 17  
Over The Moon   Nancy AB Whiskey Tango  
La Culpa   Tag On   Nancy AB
Little Islands Walk On A Bad Day Hurts Like A Cha Cha  
Cykelen Down On Your Uppers   Stars In Your Eyes
Clear Isabel Melodia  
Chasin´ Tail Lights
HT 2017
Nybörjare 1 Nybörjare 2 Fortsättning
A Little Bit Lit   Could've Been The Whiskey   Crazy Perfect Mess
Come Back My Love   Lonely Drum   The One You're Waiting On  
My Lonely Drum Drive Of Shame Kissing Strangers  
Queen Of My Heart (Easy Waltz) Bad Ideas I Will Follow Him  
Cowboy Up!!! Ice Cold Corona   Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)  
Knock Knock Dame Mas Crucified
All Those Summer Night Ride Away   Latin And Lace
Katchi Hole Down In My Heart Teenage Dreams
VT 2017
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Baby Vegas   A Quarter In My Pocket   Vegas Baby  
Nimby EZ Singalong song   That Love  
Little Rumba New Kids On The Block   Lay Down and Dance  
New Kids On The Block   Oops   Chase That Song
Lindi Shuffle Ain´t Worth The Tears Pieces  
Unchained Melody Lord Help Me Human After All  
No i Don't ( Yes I Do)   Missing I Can´t Go On
Ah Si Happy, Happy Happy Nancy Mulligan
Swango Champagne Promise Italiano  
Isn't Enough
HT 2016
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We Got Love - (Slow Dance) Bring On The Good Times   So Just Dance Dance Dance  
Honky Tonk Stomp Cotton Candy Dreams Coming Home To Stay  
Love Like Before   Pretty Flower Girl   Gypsy Queen  
Contra Dit Dot Ditty (EZ) Contra Dit Dot Ditty (EZ) Your Heaven
Cruising Backroads   Well Do Ya Another Button
So Just Dance Baby Your Heaven Well Do Ya
Cykelen That Ain´t My Truck Corazon Diamante  
Queen Of My Heart (Easy Waltz) Simple Things My Middle Name
The Music Man Boggie Woggie Rock N Roll Jesse James
All I Ask You Drift Away
Take Me To The River
VT 2016
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Break Me Up-Easy Big Blue Tree   The Bomp
Rain Penny Arcade Lockln´s Bar  
Lipstick, Powder And Paint   A Little Love Trip Promised  
Penny Arcade Ticket To The Blues Tell The World
Cookout Time Boy Girl Thing   Skip The Line
Send Me A Letter Amanda Fishing Wishing Kissing Lipstick, Powder And Paint  
"Just" Bobbi (With An I) The Lion Sleeps Won´t Tell A Soul
Let It Bay - Be Kezo Seal It With A Kiss
Kezo Little Fiesta Think Of You
Little Fiesta Tell The World Ay Amor
Locklin´s Bar   Try Everything Patsy Fagan  
It Feels Like Rock`n Roll Goin` Hamm Sugar Honey I.T.
We Went Cant´t Blame It On The Booze Better When I´m Dancin´
Elvis Rock Stop Staring At My Eyes
HT 2015
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Cracker Jack Box Little Umbrellas The Keys In The Mailbox
The Galway Gathering   Gone Country Just In Case
Yeehaa Big Hair I Like The Ladies 
101 Forever and Ever And Get It On  
Lindi Shuffle American Kids   Walking Through
Honey Pie Heavenly Cha Jump To The Rhythm
(Ding Dong, Sing My Song)
Cykelen Triple Mix   Boobs (the hippy titty shake)  
Triple Mix   Truck Stop   Hot Wheels  
Rock & Roll Kiss Peligrosa Cliche Love Song
First Cha The Lilt Written In Scars
Imelda´s Way Amame
Never & Forever
The Lilt
VT 2015
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Itsy Bitsy Spider Old 97 Loslappie
Anything Goes   Better Times   Woman Trouble
Loslappie Mini Tossin' & Turning The Real World
If I Could see you Makita   Chicago Bonfire
Baby Smile   Corn Don´t Grow We Only Live Once  
Baby Kisses   Must Be Something   Over Getting Over
Rhythm Cha   That Old Time Rock´n Roll I Just Can´t Let You Go  
Crocodile Roll   Cheerio Sun Daze
Never & Forever   This is me Derailed
Mini Mariana Rock & Roll King Ez No Place to go
HT 2014
Nybörjare Fortsättning
A-B You and MeNew Flame Angel Of The Night   Vertical Expression
Gin & Tonic   Where The Green Grass Grows
Cykelen   Raggle Taggle Gypsy O  
My next broken heart Walking Out Of Me
All About a Woman All Keyed Up
Fall in Love   Just feeling blue today  
Such A Fool Such A Fool
Primo Waltz   Those Where The Days
Better Times